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2020 - 2022 Mount Folly investigation during the pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the fieldwork and other activities we would normally undertake.  Fortunately, a small team has been able to continue targeted excavation each summer to complete the excavation of trench 12 and to investigate the track system and associated features.  Post-ex activities have been postponed but it is hoped they may resume in the spring of 2023.  Everyone is thanked for their compliance with the additional h&s measures put in place to ensure we have been able to continue working, albeit in a limited fashion, each year including through the exceptional heatwave of 2022.

Trench_12_in_2020 MtF20_final_day
Site director needs a bigger drone MtF21_group
Trench 11 in 2022


2019 Fieldwork successfully completed

Excavation of two trenches continued during the summer, with a brief return to site in the autumn.  We held weekly open afternoons in the summer which were enjoyed by many visitors.  Shillet-cut features gave us much to think about and show similarities with features previously investigated within one of the enclosures.

Group at end of summer 2019
MtF19 visitors
Cut feature in Tr12
Group October 2019

2018-19 Post-excavation

Post-excavation sessions were held in Exeter during the spring of 2019, working on material from the 2018 season.

 MtF Post-ex in Berkeley House  MtF post ex at Berkeley House  MtF post ex at Berkeley House  MtF post ex at Berkeley House

2018 Fieldwork successfully completed

Following the excavation of elements of the three enclosures, fieldwork in 2018 concentrated on the ditches defining the track system that runs around the enclosures.  This proved more challenging than anticipated, with unexpected features, that had not been detected by geophysical survey, coming to light.  So much so that the excavation in two trenches will continue in 2019.  We also celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of our Project with a splendid party in Ludgate Field, superbly catered by Jill, Mac and others.

cake by Laura
cake by Wendy
MtF18 - end of the dig

2017-18 Post-excavation

Post-excavation activities took place in Exeter during the spring of 2018, working on material from the 2017 season.

2017 Fieldwork successfully completed

The 2017 season saw the team return to Ludgate Field to investigate further the northern of the three enclosures.  The ditch terminal proved to be not exactly as expected and provided informatioin useful for the interpretation of the enclosure.

2016-17 Post-excavation

Post-excavation sessions were held during winter / spring of 2016-17 at the headquarters of Devon Archaeological Society in Exeter.  We reviewed all the pottery and lithic finds from 2016.

2016 Fieldwork successfully completed

The team was back at Mount Folly during June-July but this season saw us investigate a different part of the enclosure complex to determine whether it was of the same date as the other elements we have excavated. Initial results suggest that the aim of the season was achieved and we will be able to provide a date for the use and fill of the third enclosure at Mount Folly.  Further details of the work this year will be published in the DAS Newsletter.  My thanks to all those who participated in another enjoyable season.

MtF16 team on last day

2016 Fieldwork is underway

A great start has been made to the new area of investigation at Mount Folly.  We'll be working here in June - July 2016 with an open afternoon from 2.00pm on Sunday 10 July.

Paul L, Andrew B & Barry W get things underwayGreat location
Trowelling startsViews on the second day aren't so distant

2015-16 Post-excavation

Post-excavation activity has been arranged during the winter / spring of 2015-16 at the headquarters of Devon Archaeological Society in Exeter.

2015 Fieldwork successfully completed

The 2015 season took place in July and August with excavation concentrating in the lower levels in the south of Trench 7.  This produced further features of interest before excavation of the trench was completed at the end of the season.  As well as interesting archaeology, the exposure of various forms of shillet is of much geological and geomorphological interest.  The season saw further geophysical survey in the fields around the excavation site that suggest further archaeological features for future exploration.  A summary of this year's work will appear in the newsletter of DAS in January 2016.

2014-15 Post-excavation

Following the successful completion of the 2014 fieldwork season, post-excavation sessions were held during the winter / spring of 2014-15 at the headquarters of Devon Archaeological Society in Exeter.

2014 Fieldwork successfully completed

June - August 2014 saw perhaps the most intensive season of work so far on site.  A great number of new features were revealed and the excavation of the deeper levels produced a further range of Bronze Age potttery. Work went so well that the six week season was extended for a seventh week to permit the completion of particular features and to extend the excavation into the deepest levels.  That meant we had two 'end of dig' days, including the final covering up of the site either side of the visit by ex-hurricane Bertha.  Fortunately the preparations were sound so there was no damage to the site although a large amount of water had to be removed by bucket-chain before further work could continue on the last day.  Details of the work this year will be published in the DAS Newsletter.
Chain of buckets before closing MtF14
  The team almost at the end of MtF14 Final day of MtF14 

Annual Barbecue Evening, 2014
Our annual barbecue was held adjacent to the site on a splendid summer evening. The food was prepared superbly by Mac and the evening was enjoyed by team members, friends and family.  The archaeology of the site was celebrated with a delicious round house cake commissioned by Pete and constructed with intricate internal stratigraphy.Mt Folly round house cake

Open Afternoon, 2014

A highly enjoyable open afternoon was held on Sunday 13 July.  Members of the public, friends and family of the Mt Folly team were able to watch the excavations in progress, view some of the finds and find out about life in south Devon in later prehistory.  Thanks to all the guides and marshalls who ensured everything ran smoothly and that the day was enjoyed by all.

Post-excavation winter 2013-14

Post-ex sessions will recommence in Exeter from February 2014.  We will concentrate on the records and finds from 2013.  Please contact Eileen if you would like further details.  

2013 Fieldwork successfully completed

The 2013 season of fieldwork ran for seven weeks from June - August during which time we enjoyed superb weather condtions which permitted great progress with the excavation, geophysical survey and all elements of the field investigation.  We also hosted the Festival of British Archaeology on behalf of DAS and were visited by the BBC to be interviewed for Radio 4's "Farming Today This Week" programme that was aired in July.  Details of the work this year will be published in the DAS Newsletter.

Post-excavation winter 2012-13

Post-ex sessions will recommence in Exeter in February 2013.  Work will concentrate on inking up the site drawings from 2012, reviewing the site records for that season, and sorting the pottery and other finds.  Please contact Eileen if you would like further details.  

2012 Fieldwork successfully completed

The 2012 season of fieldwork came to a close on 19 August after an intense period of work through a wide variety of weather conditions.  The opening of the site was delayed by a couple of days due to severe storms in early July.  Once open, the team worked extremely hard to make up the lost time.  The excavation revealed further detail of known and new features with related finds which, together, will help with the phasing of the site.  In addition, geophysical survey of nearby fields was undertaken throughout the field season and both magnetic gradiometry and earth resistance techniques provided superb results.  Visitors to the Open Afternoon in late July were able to view the ongoing excavation and finds that had been made on the site.  Details of this year's work will be published in the Newsletter of the Devon Archaeological Society.  Post-ex sessions will be arranged for team members during winter / spring 2012-13.

2012 Fieldwork dates announced

Excavation and survey at Mount Folly will take place from Friday 6 July - Sunday 19 August.  Please see 'Looking Ahead' for further information.  Post-ex work on material from the 2011 field season will take place in Exeter during winter - spring 2012.

2011 Fieldwork completed

A successful season of fieldwork at Mount Folly was completed in the summer of 2011.  Details of the work, the activities and finds will be published in the Newsletter of the Devon Archaeological Society.  Post-ex sessions to work on the materials will be arranged for the winter / spring of 2011-12.

2011 Fieldwork dates announced

Excavation and survey at Mount Folly will take place from Thursday 30 June - Saturday 13 August.  Please see 'Looking Ahead' for further information.

2010 write up in DAS Newsletter, January 2011

Illustrated summary of our time on site in 2010 appears in Newsletter 108 of Devon Archaeological Society.

Post-excavation winter 2010-11

Post-ex sessions have been planned to take place in Exeter.  Participants will complete the inking up of the 2010 site plans and sections, sort all the lithic finds from the site, and continue with the pottery sorting and fabric identifications.  Please contact Eileen if you would like further details.        

Mount Folly post excavation

2010 Fieldwork

A highly successful season of six weeks was completed in August - September.  During that time the team was engaged in all the usual site activities including geophysical survey, plan drawing and hand excavation.  The remarkably good weather meant a great amount could be done and we revealed and excavated a number of new features and completed the excavation of some key elements of the site.   The drawings, documents and finds will be processed over the winter in the group's post-excavation sessions.  Further fieldwork is currently being planned for 2011.

If you have not participated in the project before but are interested in joining the team please contact Eileen Wilkes using the contact link on the left.